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About Avant-Garde Professional Consulting, LLC

Why choose our services

Our motto is QUALITY over quantity. Our dedication to your needs is incomparable. No matter what the hiring challenge, we will help you overcome it and cater to your process to help supplement and shape any of your recruitment needs with an affordable option that works for you. We bring years of experience working with high volume staffing, professional and executive placements, technical and skilled trades for all industries. Our diversity is what makes us the best!

Our process

Our process depends completely on your needs. We will strategize all of our approaches based on what will you get your company the results and top talent you seek. Work with us and you will always feel like family. Our personal touch and the relationships we build with you are what makes us successful. 

Our obligation

Our obligation is to surpass your expectations by finding your company the talent you need to grow and continue your success. We guarantee we will find your "person" and there's never any risk - as it won't cost you a dime until you're ready to hire.

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